Super Ride 2022 Schedule
Subject to changes/revisions
June 20, 2022 Day One. 
After 2pm, Team practice allowed if you rent stalls on this day.

June 21, 2022 Day Two, Practice Day
Scheduled Practice Day
Must Sign up for time slot!!!

10-2 Youth Color Guard  All Youth
10-1 Adult Color Guard Adult, Adult/Youth
24 Walk/Trot
15 Patriot
5A Adult /Youth
23 Fun Drill 
9 Challenged Riders
All Star Practice
7 Adult novice 60% Applies
8 Youth Novice 60% Applies
16-4 Youth Novice 50% applies for Quad.
16-5 Open 2 Adult/2Youth or 3A/1Y
16A Youth
6B-Youth 12 and Under

June 23, 2022 Day Four
11-3 Senior Quad (All 40+)
11-4 Novice Youth Quad  All Youth 50% applies
  12 Drama Theme
2 Rodeo Drill Teams
11-1 Adult Quad Adults                    
 4 Gaited
11-2 Youth Quad All Youth
11-5 2 Adult/2Youth or 3A/1Y
6A Youth Intermediate
Day 1 and 2 Awards 1 1/2 hour after last ride.
Trick Riding Practice
All Star Practice   

June 24, 2022 Day Five
22 Youth Select 5-8 Riders
21 Adult Select 5-8 Riders                                                                                   
5 Adult
6 Youth
Theme Quads:  
16-1 Adult
16-2 Youth
Family Quads All Related Riders
World Championship. Ride of Champions
International Trick Riding Round 1 
June 25, 2022 Day Six
Semi Finals for Trick Riding.
14 Parade 
17 Precision
3c Youth Theme 12 and Under
International Quadrille Championship
3b Youth Theme    
3a Adult Theme 
World Championship. Ride of Champions
National Championship, Division 1
USEDA All Star Team Performance 
International Trick Riding Finals
Awards follow evening shows on Saturday Night and completed by 10pm.

Schedules and Rules are subject to changes in time, date and order, check back often.
A youth team may have Youth Quad teams and 1 alternate rider for each team. All youth riders must be 1 and under as of January 1st 2021.
DIV 15-5/11-5 Quad Division must have 2 adult.2 youth or 3 Adults and 1 Youth.
An adult quad team may also have 1 alternate rider and Senior Quad teams the same. The Adult Quad must have 3 Adults or more, 19 and up and can have one youth. The Senior Quad team members must be 40 or older.
2021: A team may have as many quads as they want and a rider can only ride once in ANY division of Quad and may NOT ride in another class. Example: A youth rider rides in Youth Quad, that rider CANNOT then ride in an Adult Quad.
Family Quad must have riders that are related. 
Team Member: A rider can only ride for the team they are a member of and/or contracted with at competition. Any team violating these requirements will be disqualified on all rides. Teams that have affilation agreements in place 4 months prior to Super Ride are Exempted. Exception. Color Guard
A Rider can only ride ONE time in the same division, team will be disqualified for rules violation.
Drill Teams must be a USEDA Member to Compete in Super Ride 2022
Trick Riding competition will feature divisions of PRO, Novice and Youth Competition. Rules Available. Competitors from all Nations are invited.
PRACTICE: Allowed on Monday and Tuesday if your entire team rents stalls.
Hotels are getting very full.