Super Ride XIV 2016
International Festival Of The Equestrian Arts
A Multi-Discipline Event

The 2016 Championship Competition
The City of Lindale Texas 

Join us for the time of your life.
The Greatest Show on Dirt.
Show Announcer

Alan Moorhead

June 14-18, 2016
Super Ride XIV 2016
United States Equestrian Drill Championship June 15-18
National Drill Team Competition
Super Ride Quadrille June 15-18 - All Stars June 18
International Open Trick Riding Competition June 17-18
Ride of Champions June 18
Escaramuza June 17-18
The Super Ride International Championship Competition was established to support continued equestrian heritage, multi-disciplines and to promote rider development, education, skills, safety and family friendly competition. 
This event also provides scholarship support to several students each year and the "Super Ride Gives Back" Program. The Super Ride Organization and the Board of Directors thank the 
City of Lindale and the Lindale Area Chamber of Commerce 
for their continued support.
Texas Rose Horse Park
14078 State Hwy 110N
One mile south of I-20 on Highway 110 between Lindale and Van
Tyler, TX 75704
8 minutes from Lindale Texas

8 minutes from Venue
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Lindale Texas
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Super Ride 2008-2016
US National Drill Competition 2002-2016
National Equestrian Drill Team Competition 2002-2016
United States Equestrian  Drill Championship 2002-2016
National Drill Championships 2002-2016
International Drill Championship 2010-2016
International Equestrian Drill Championship 2010-2016
Texas Open 2001-2016
Texas Shootout 2011-2016
Texas Open Trick Riding Competition 2016

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Escaramuza Infantil La Ribereña Caballito de Palo was formed in November of 2015 by instructor Lorena Garza Lopez, a former Escaramuza since she was 8 years old. The team is from Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico. A bordering town of Roma, Texas.
Extreme Drill Team on Wednesday 9am to noon, Main Event 4pm to 8pm
Extreme Drill Team on Thursday 9am to 4:30pm
Extreme Drill Team on Friday 10am-1pm Main Event 4pm-9pm Drill, Escaramuza, Trick Riding

Theme Drill Teams on Saturday 10am-3:30pm Main Event 4pm to 8:30pm National Championships in Trick Riding and Ride of Champions
Daily cost $5 per person, 6 and under is free. $5 parking fee.
Join us for the thrill of a lifetime!!!!